A List Of Compelling Essay Topics On Madame Bovary

Madame Bovary is a famous novel written by Gustave Flaubert. Your literature teacher may ask you to write an essay about this novel. If you want to create an interesting paper, you should select a particular question related to Madame Bovary to discuss. If you cannot generate any good idea, you may choose a topic from a list composed by academic experts.

A Collection of Excellent Topics for an Essay on Madame Bovary

  1. Analyzing the novel to understand the attitude of the author towards the society that he is describing.
  2. The usage of irony and contrast in Madame Bovary.
  3. The comparison of Bournisien and Homais.
  4. The analysis of Madame Bovary as a realistic novel.
  5. The role of Emma Bovary in her own downfall.
  6. The analysis of Emma’s relationships with different men throughout the novel.
  7. The role of symbolism in Madame Bovary.
  8. The personality of Charles Bovary and his role in Emma’s downfall.
  9. The analysis of unrealistic fantasies that motivate Emma.
  10. The theme of change in the novel.

Recommendations for Writing Your Essay

Before you decide what topic to choose, you should read the full version of the novel. It’s not enough to know only the summary of the plot to conduct a thorough analysis. Moreover, having read the book, it’ll be easier for you to find quotations in the text in support of your arguments.

Once the narrow topic is chosen, you may read a few works of critics about the novel. Professional critics often notice more details in comparison to ordinary readers, so you may find some interesting and useful information this way.

The next step is to outline your paper so that you don’t have to compose countless drafts before the structure of your text will be strong and logical. Plan in advance what to include in the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Once your outline is ready, you should start writing. If it’s easier for you, complete body paragraphs first and move on to composing the introduction and conclusion later. Write in a clear language and use references to the novel to support your points.

Even if you’ve structured your paper successfully at the first attempt, you should check your draft for different errors. Pay attention to punctuation, grammar, and spelling. You may also need to rewrite some sentences to make them sound better.

The last step is to come up with an informative and catchy title. An original approach to naming your essay should attract extra attention.

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