Good Ideas To Help You Write An Argumentative Essay On Gun Control

Gun control remains a divisive issue within the United States. While some people want complete freedom to purchase guns, other individuals want laws set up to prevent criminals from accessing weapons. Due to the controversial nature of gun control, many teachers assign argumentative essays on the topic. To get a top score, students should use the following ideas.

  • The Second Amendment
  • Students who are arguing for more gun control can create a contentious paper on amending the Second Amendment. In the past, Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens wrote that the language of the Second Amendment is confusing and could be revised for more clarity. Since it was originally written for militias, students could argue that the National Guard currently play this role.

  • A More Emotional Approach
  • One of the counterarguments to gun control is that it would only prevent guns from getting into the hands of upstanding citizens, and criminals would be unaffected. Students can discuss the impact that unregistered firearms and criminals have on the gun market. They may want to discuss the way guns are trading with Latin American for drugs or other issues.

  • The Real Meaning of the Second Amendment
  • For an interesting essay, students can look at the state of current gun laws in the United States. They can discuss the original meaning of the Second Amendment and cover the Supreme Court cases on the topic. Students may also want to look at existing gun laws and how they vary from state to state.

  • Talking About Gun Control
  • While it seems like a straightforward issue that can easily be decided based on current laws, gun control remains a contentious topic. Every time another mass shooting or terrorist act occurs, a politician brings back the argument for gun control. Why is it that gun control is only discussed following a mass shooting? Why is it so difficult for gun control to make it into the national debate otherwise?

  • Smart Technology
  • In New Jersey, a law was passed that was supposed to ensure that every gun in the state was sold with technology that made it impossible for anyone other than the registered owner to use. While this sounds like a decent idea, gun advocates blocked the law from being implemented. Despite their efforts, this law still remained on the books for 12 years. Using examples like this, students can look at the reasons why small steps toward greater gun control have failed over time.

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