A List Of Unique 5th Grade Essay Topic Ideas On Video Games

When you are in 5th grade there are a number of things that you can write about, and then there are some topics that are supposed to be everyday things. It is therefore important for you to try and make sure that you put in some really good work on your paper, because the ramifications of poor performance are things that you would not want to imagine.

One of the most common things at the 5th grade age is playing video games. You probably know one or two games, or you are perhaps addicted to playing some of these games. You might be asked to write a paper on video games, and when this happens it is important for you to have some good topics ready.

Ideally, when you are writing such a paper, everything that you will be doing will depend on how well you comprehend what is supposed to be done, and then from there, you will have a better shot at scoring higher marks. The following are a number of topics that you can present for your paper on video games, and perhaps you too can learn a thing or two from the same when you are through with your paper:

  • Discuss some of the benefits of playing video games today
  • Explain the disadvantages of playing video games
  • Discuss why violent video games are supposed to be vetted by parents before kids are allowed to play them
  • Is it safe to have kids exposed to violent video games? Discuss
  • Explain some of the psychological benefits that you get when you constantly play video games.
  • Compare and contrast the strategies that you would use in an arcade game and a game of football
  • Discuss some problems that those who are addicted to video games go on to have in their normal lives
  • Is it wise for adults to play video games just as much as they used to when they were kids?
  • Discuss some steps that can be taken to change the perspective of video gaming in the society from a negative perspective to a positive one
  • Highlight any measures that you would take when organizing a video gaming tournament, to ensure fairness in the process
  • Discuss how online video games are improving the awareness and creativity of the players who engage in some of these games

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