How To Write A Conclusion Of An Academic Essay

A lot of educators insist that a well-written conclusion to an academic piece is often just as important as any other part of the work. This is because the conclusion is obviously the last part that someone will read and it’s often the part that the reader will remember the most. There are several different techniques for composing a great ending, and the one you choose depends largely on the kind of paper you are writing. Here are some of the basic elements of a great concluding paragraph:

  • It restates your thesis and evaluates your findings
  • Restating your thesis is a great way of reminding your reader what it is you set out to argue for or against and leads into a one or two sentence evaluation of whether or not you’ve succeeded in making your case. Where this goes in the last paragraph is entirely up to you. However, best practices suggest to include this restatement as close to the beginning as possible.

  • It repeats and synthesizes your evidence
  • Your final paragraph should always restate your main discussion points as well as provide a summary of your best supporting evidence. This shouldn’t be presented as a simple list but instead in a cohesive three or four sentence summary that also synthesizes your content and shows the reader how it all works together to prove your thesis statement.

  • It doesn’t bring up new pieces of evidence
  • Never, under any circumstances, bring up new information or new pieces of evidence in your concluding paragraph. Stick with the content that has already been used in the paper. Not only will new evidence confuse the reader but he may actually remember this mistake the most and will grade your entire work on this showing of poor writing skill.

  • It ends with a lasting impression
  • The last sentence of your academic essay is the place where your creativity comes into play. Consider using a quote, a question, or a call to action that engages the reader in a way that he will think about your work long after he puts it away. Again, there are several ways of accomplishing this so it’s a good idea to try out a few of them and decide which one works best. Look at this company for more suggestions on how to write an excellent conclusion for an academic essay or to get direct assistance from an expert writer or reviewer.

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