How To Write A 9/11 Opinion Essay: Tips And Tricks

11th September, 2001 is popularly referred to as 9/11 incident in global history. It is on this day that Taliban, headed by Osama Bin Laden, fell jets on the World Trade Center, eventually demolishing it and causing huge loss of lives. The global war against terrorism was galvanized on by this incident.

Now, every year, the 9/11 incident gives birth to a profusion of essays. While writing an opinion piece, you should however merit certain considerations. They follow –

  • A look at the awareness – The positive side of this incident is the awareness it has managed to creep even among the common gentry. Now, the landlords go for police verification if they give a flat to a tenant. Enquiry is launched even while hiring personal servants. Any unidentified object lying in the open is promptly referred to the police.

  • Rise in racism – This is a sorry byproduct. Europeans and Americans have grown quite wary of Asians; particularly the Islam followers. Indians, Pakistanis; the Middle East often bear the brunt; even dignified citizen of these countries. Your piece can be written from their perspective.

  • Unethical dominance – USA has been perhaps a tad unethical in dominance after 9/11. It has waged war against Iraq and Afghanistan; razing lands at will and planting occupation armies. This trait is nothing new; they did the same in the Vietnam War.

  • Perspective of the terrorists – It is an open secret that Taliban was fueled by USA during the Cold War to perturb Russians. Incidentally, the plan backfired. Your piece may also be written from the perspective of terrorists, assessing their reasons.

  • Union of minds – 9/11 has given developed countries a reason to unite. They are now one and strong against terrorism and take severe stances against it; whether internally or externally. These countries have supported even poor nations suffering at the hands of terrorism post 2001.

  • Rise in technology – The terrorists have no shortage of funds and funding agencies and they have access to modern technologies. There has been a counter-rise in technologies to avert the growth of terrorism and nip the terrorist mind-set in bud. As of now, terrorists stare at capital punishment when captured; itself a huge deterrent.

Choosing your strait

You can use any of the mentioned straits for your opinion essay. Just make sure you drive your point well. It is after all an extremely sensitive issue and cavalier handling may hurt readers. Be clear in your mind before you proceed.

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