Show Me How to Write an Amazing 5 Paragraph Essay

In high school and colleges, you’ll come across tests that include writing section or part. You are given a topic and expected to write a five-paragraph academic paper dwelling on that subject. This is something that can create fear in many students especially if they do not have any clue about how to go about it. However, what the teachers are looking for is whether you know how to structure the essay, and bring out points clearly without conflicting ideas or mixing up everything. They want to see if there is prose and flow of ideas from the start to the end.

When you know how to write an amazing five-paragraph academic paper, then you find it very enjoyable and easy to complete the task.

Remember there are different forms of academic assignments such as expository, narrative, persuasive, argumentative, comparative, and literary. When you are writing persuasive or literary topics, there is a structured way you should write the paper.


It’s important you introduce the topic in the first paragraph. This is the part, which allows you to give the direction of what the entire academic paper talks about. It brings up the tone and creates attention. The reader of the academic paper can know what to expect from the thesis or paper. In the introduction, you should describe the main idea including what the essay is all about. This should take you one sentence.

You may use the prompt or question that you have been given to structure the first sentence. In the same paragraph, develop a thesis statement, which states what you want to write about concerning the main idea. In this case, if the writing prompt is in form of a question, then the thesis statement is an answer to that question. When you are through with thesis statement, list the points or arguments that are supporting the thesis, and make sure they are in order of their strength.

The supporting details or the body of your academic paper

In the part of supporting details, it is going to take the second, third, and fourth paragraphs. This is ideally the body of the essay. These three paragraphs will provide details including facts, example, quotes, and statistics, which substantiate the three points in the introductory section.

You should take the points that you listed in the first introductory part and then discuss each in one paragraph. In each paragraph, start with a sentence summarizing the point, and then follow with an argument to support or oppose. Using facts, examples, or statistics, present your evidence to support or oppose your argument.

The conclusion

A concluding paragraph helps you give a gradual end to your essay without an abrupt stop. It is often one part of the essay where students find it very difficult. However, when you know how to handle it, you find that it is very easy. Furthemore, you can search for experts in writing essays for money.

In conclusion, what you should do is restate the thesis and then connect it with the discussion entailed in body but in a summarized way. Try to explain how each point clearly supports the thesis. This shouldn’t take you more than one or two sentences because it is a summary. You are just summarizing what you have presented in your writing. The last sentence ought to support your main idea in a compelling and concise manner.

Effective writing tips from students

Make Each Section Flawless

In a nutshell, when writing your five-paragraph easy, you should try to ensure you capture each section, point, and paragraph before the given time elapses. This is because having an incomplete essay will score you lower marks than a complete one.

Make Time Your Partner

You should make sure you go through each point and paragraph pretty fast. You may want to refrain from over-emphasizing on one point at the expense of the other, because by the end of it, all the points need to be discussed, and time may not be on your side.

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