Homeless Strapping Our Economy

The issue of homelessness has become a pressing issue in today’s world. The reasons behind this issue are mental disability, low salary, unemployment, high rent for habitation etc. Yet, government of worldwide nations are trying to find a proper solution to this issue. This essay would highlight the definition and impact of homelessness in today’s economy.

Homeless can be defined as the situation of detachment of the person or the family from the society considered by the attenuation or nonappearance of the affiliative bonds that connects settled persons to a system of interconnected social structures. The persons who are homeless are non-responsible, inert, anomic and poor. They appreciate no self-esteem, command no resource, and expect no burden of reciprocal commitments towards the society.

The top most homeless city in the world is the Manila of Philippines. According to the report of United Nations Commission on Human Rights, around 70,000 people are live on streets. The commission also found that around 1,200,000 children of the country stay on streets. Because of homelessness, the country is facing issues like drugs abuse, child prostitution, AIDS/HIV etc. Next city is New York of United States. Around, 60,352 people are without roof in New York. The third ranking homeless city is Los Angeles of United States. The streets of this city are filled with 57,000 destitute people. Overall, in US, every year around 3.5 million people are experiencing homelessness. In 2013, 610,042 people in US had experienced homelessness.

The key reasons behind homelessness strapping worldwide economy are political, economic and social factors. Lack of federal assistance for social services and housing programs have given rise to homelessness in many countries like US. Changes in the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) components like immigrant restrictions, time limits etc have led many people off from housing benefits. Social factors like alcoholism, mental illness and drug addiction due to poverty is increasing homelessness. Additionally, the increasing gap between housing cost and wage earnings is leaving millions of individuals and families homeless.

In conclusion, it can be said that this essay has highlighted the definition, impact and key reasons behind homelessness. From this essay, it can be said, this issue can be tackled by identifying the root-cause affect of homelessness, improving the housing services like TANF, balancing the housing cost and wages and developing healthcare system of the country.

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