Composing An Essay About Your Personal Code Of Ethics

Ethics can mean different things, depending on who you ask and some might even make a case for the complete lack of ethics. This concept can be difficult to resolve through open debate and is often left up to governments or religious leaders to decide what right or wrong ethics are. While there may be an official declaration of what is to be considered ethically correct, each individual is free to decide for themselves what they personally believe.

When writing an essay, especially one about your opinion, you have the ability to take your readers anywhere you please. As an author, it is your duty to use this power to the fullest and this means making use of every available tactic to help you accomplish your goal. The following is a simple guideline to help you construct an essay about your personal code of ethics:

  1. Give it a name
  2. Your code of ethics is your own and it is highly unlikely that your code will be completely shared by anyone else. This means that you have every right to give it a title, one that you feel reflects your philosophy, as well as what you stand for. Keep your name short but make it catchy.

  3. Define it as you see it
  4. Try your best to give a form to your code of ethics and try to find ways of explaining what it really means, to your readers. This may be tricky, since your ethics may be closely related to your personal perspective. Making good use of examples is a good way of reaching your readers.

  5. Compare it to generally accepted codes
  6. Now that you have outlined your personal code of ethics to your readers, you can proceed to comparing it to existing, or widely accepted codes. This will allow you the opportunity to point out aspects of mainstream ethics, that you consider to be inferior to your own.

  7. Explain why you believe what you do
  8. We all have a reason for living and this reason can be closely tied into your code of ethics. Tell your readers any reason you may have for your beliefs.

  9. What would the world be like if everyone adopted your code of ethics.
  10. Just for fun, attempt to describe what you think the world would be like if everyone else had the same ethics as you do. Keep in mind that humans are often unable to precisely predict the outcome of complicated, anthropological situations.

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