25 Potential Topics For Your Essay On To Kill A Mockingbird

As one of the most influential novels ever to have been written, To Kill a Mockingbird is a piece of literature often studied by students around the world. As a result, many students will have to write essays based on the novel at some point during their education. Therefore, if you are student who needs to write an essay based on the novel then you may be wondering what sort of things you can write about. To give you some ideas, the following is a list of potential topics for your essay on To Kill a Mockingbird.

  1. Compare & contrast To Kill a Mockingbird with Go Set a Watchman

  2. Despite being written over 50 years ago, how relevant are the themes of racial injustice when compared to modern day society?

  3. Compare & contrast modern-day Alabama with Alabama as depicted in the novel

  4. Compare & contrast the novel with film adaptations of the novel

  5. Discuss why you think that the novel has been so successful with critics, and continues to be regarded as an essential part of literature that people should read

  6. Compare & contrast Harper Lee’s life with any characters and events that may have been depicted within the novel

  7. What impact has the novel had on real life in southern American states?

  8. Is To Kill a Mockingbird an appropriate piece of literature for students to study?

  9. Identify and discuss some of the controversial points raised in the novel

  10. To what extent has Atticus Finch impacted upon the legal profession in the United States?

  11. An analysis of the main characters in the novel

  12. Compare & contrast Atticus Finch to other leading characters in other popular novels written at the same time as the novel.

  13. How does Harper Lee deal with the subject of racism in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird

  14. What influence did the work have on the civil rights movement in the United States?

  15. To what extent our racial stereotypes used in the book?

  16. How do you think the novel To Kill a Mockingbird would differ if it were written in the 21st century?

  17. Compare & contrast the themes of sexism and racism in the book

  18. Discuss the use of sexism as a theme in the novel

  19. Analyze the portrayal of female characters in the book

  20. Analyze and discuss the courtroom scenes in the novel

  21. How accurately is the legal system reflected in the novel

  22. Discuss the way in which courage is explored as a theme in the novel

  23. Analyze the depictions of drugs in the novel

  24. How is the theme of class depicted in the novel?

  25. Compare & contrast to themes from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird

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