Creative Tips For Writing An Opinion Essay About Fast Food

Fast food is a topic that everyone is familiar with. Therefore, everyone has an opinion on this topic, so do you. Most of the topics are exhausted, so there is a slight chance that your topic is already taken and boring to people. I would rather say that you should open your imagination and be creative. Creativity has no limits. It can make a boring topic creative, so why don’t you give a try to your imagination?

First of all, let’s mention what you do in an opinion essay on fast food. You state your opinion and support it with facts in two or more body paragraphs. At the end, just like any other essay, you are required to write a conclusion. The conclusion should be similar to the introduction, but it should clear things up. That would be generally about opinion essays. Below are some creative ideas that elaborate different aspects of fast food.

  • Fast food and children
  • Children love fast food. An interesting topic would be “Fast food for children- banned or not?”. Here you can say that yes should be banned, but what if children spend their pocket money at school for fast food. They will start hiding things from you that would in the later years lead to hiding something else.

    Let’s face it: children want to eat what is popular and fast food is popular. Discuss how parents can establish weekly routine for eating in a fast food restaurant. Another elaboration of the abovementioned is that parents can make awful fast food and bring to the child by saying it is bought from a famous fast food restaurant. The child would definitely reduce consumption of fast food.

  • Fast food and people’s attitude
  • This is a good area for defining a topic. Discuss how people nowadays like eating with hands, just like they did thousands of years ago in the Stone Age.

  • Fast food across the Globe
  • This is a good area to explain differences between fast food in different countries and how you think that fast food in some countries is in fact healthy food. For example, Italy. You can eat pasta and pizza as fast food, but in restaurants as well. It is traditional food, it is fast food, but t is not considered unhealthy. This leads to opinion that ingredients make unhealthy food.

Opinion essays give freedom to express your thoughts. Feel free to say what you want to say about fast food.

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