Simple Tips For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Teenage Depression

If you are studying psychology at college level, you might just pick teenage depression as the topic of your essay. However, like every other psychology topic, you need to do some research before writing a cause and effect essay on teenage depression. It is true that too many teenage boys and girls cannot cope with the difficulties and absurdities in life as they grow up and many of them commit suicide or take to drugs, which is quite unfortunate.

If you want to explore the issue of widespread teenage depression, you may very well find a plethora of essays on the same topic on the web. Here’s how to draft an essay.

  • Knowing what a cause and effect essay
  • A cause and effect psychology essay is basically an exploratory essay that aims to unveil the causes and effects of an event or a phenomenon. Once you know the objective of writing an essay of this type, it would become easier for you to draft it. Here’s a roadmap for you to follow while penning down your essay.

  • Choose a topic first
  • Teenage depression is an umbrella term that encompasses many psychological theories and trends. You can just flip through a few psychology journals and magazines to find an interesting topic to write on. Chances are there that you will be spoilt for choices as there is a great deal of research papers, journals and other sorts of published research papers on the web.

  • Will you write on causes or effects?
  • While your cause-and-effect essay would ideally focus on both cause(s) and effect(s) of teenage depression, you should focus on writing either on causes or effects of teenage depression. For example, if you are writing on the dreadful effects of teenage depression, such as teenage suicide, you need to expand on this only.

  • Creating an outline
  • Creating an outline of a cause and effect essay on teenage depression is as important as having a compass and a map before voyaging to some distant and faraway land. You will know how to segregate the different sections of the article and what would be the ideal length of each section if you create an outline.

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