Simple Instructions On How To End An Expository Essay

An expository essay isn’t too much different than any other type of essay in that it is exactly what it says it is. It is supposed to expose a topic or describe it thoroughly. Many essays can use a 5 paragraph format and if you use one of those you are pretty safe in this case too. You always begin your essay with an introduction of some sort which always tells the reader what you are going to write about which is called the topic sentence. The other important aspect of the introduction paragraph is that you want to get your reader interested in reading the rest of the essay. The next three paragraphs are called the body and they are spent providing you proof of your topic sentence. And then comes the all-important conclusion. This is the most important part of any essay. It is supposed to tie up the entire essay. Here are some simple instructions on how to end an expository essay:

  • The first thing everyone always says about the conclusion of any essay is that you are supposed to restate your thesis. This is correct but it is not the only function of your conclusion. It is important that you don’t just repeat your topic sentence. Be creative and don’t make it obvious that you are just restating the thesis. Explain the main idea of your essay in a couple of sentences to remind the reader what the thesis was.

  • Since an expository essay is exploring a topic, think of the conclusion as the answer to what you were trying to discuss.

  • Give the reader something to remember with your conclusion. Try not to introduce something new into the conclusion but leave the reader with something to think about.

  • Restate in an abbreviated way how the body of the essay helped explore your topic and how it got to the answer you were looking for.

  • Make sure you touch on all of the ideas you discussed in the body of your essay. Don’t leave some parts out because you don’t feel they are as important. Touch on all of the issues you talked about.

Remember, the conclusion of your paper is the last thing a reader will see and read. This is what they will remember so you want to wrap everything up like a ribbon you would put on a package. Make sure you tie everything together but also add something the reader will remember your essay by. This takes a little thought, but it is well worth the effort.

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