Top 24 Free Essay Titles You Can Use To Get Inspired

When you are going to write an essay you will have to come up with an innovative title. The right title will help your paper get noticed and also earn you proper grades. Here are a few titles that can help you get inspired. You will have to work on them to make it more unique. The best way to do it would be by changing the perspective in which it is explored.

Why you need a good topic

When you submit a paper, the first thing that the teacher notices is the title. Now there are many students who will also be submitting their work along with you. So when you have a paper that is almost like the rest of the lot, there are less chances that the teacher will actually go through all of it.

What you have to do is pick something that will pique the reader’s interest. This way you will be able to attract the reader and get much better grades. This does not mean you will be working on something that is too obscure. Pick something that is interesting and easy to write on.

List of essay topics you can use:

  1. Popular nicknames from the 90s.
  2. One moment in past you wish to revisit.
  3. A memorable letter you got in mail.
  4. One recent moment of bliss that you have experienced.
  5. Advice to be given to kids in middle school.
  6. What you want the older generation to be considerate about.
  7. What makes a family stick through thick and thin?
  8. What have your grandparents taught you?
  9. Should kids be completely honest with their parents?
  10. What is the meaning of your last name and where does it come from.
  11. How much attached are you to your pets?
  12. One memorable interaction with the authorities.
  13. The best place in your city or village that you like to hangout.
  14. What makes your hometown special?
  15. One thing that has motivated you all along?
  16. What does your bedroom say about your character?
  17. A task you had to perform by going out of your comfort zone.
  18. What kind of feedback do you expect from your mentors?
  19. The best vacation you ever had.
  20. Your best friend since childhood.
  21. One language you have decided to learn.
  22. Which country do you wish to visit and why.
  23. The various advantages and disadvantages of playing video games.
  24. Should children be allowed to use social media?

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