Picking Up A Topic For A Middle School Essay About Dancing

Writing your essay or dissertation this term can be difficult if you don’t know which topic you are to choose but if you do know then, you can begin with making notes and drafting your essay. Your thesis will require a little research, the rest of your essay or dissertation will and you need to decide on your main topic, dancing has a wide spectrum of options available. Careful of freelance writers or freelance companies as their resources may not be original, use trusted websites for research and to check your facts.

Topics to consider:

  • Modern dance. Perhaps a particular technique or that city or town has been particularly vibrant and what was the impact of that on cultural events. New York, Europe, etc.?
  • The influence of dance on media, TV, commercials, movies, etc. How has dance become commercial and popular? In which medium is dance the most and least important.
  • A brief history of dance through the centuries. Maybe during the polka craze, ragtime, 1920’s or swing?
  • Choose a dance pioneer and biography them, explain their influence on the time and place around them.
  • Athletics sport and dance.
  • Dance as an art form.
  • Music and dance and the movies.
  • Famous dance movies and the actors, techniques and music scores used.
  • What about covering actors, such as Gene Kelly and their histories? What motivated them and who were they taught by.
  • Cultural differences of dance. What does dance represent in different countries and religions?
  • The types of dance: modern, ballroom, ballet, etc.
  • Street performance.
  • Stage dance and choreographers, what are their influences on dance and are they integral?
  • Dance troupes gimmicks and touring the world.
  • Maybe you can choose a style of dance and explore the history of that and where the moves and techniques that makes up this dance come from. Can you draw on your own experiences and share your story? Don’t be afraid to make this personal to you and endear your tutor to your work.

    You can write about a movie

  • Its designers, costumes, choreographers.
  • What commercial success has this had?
  • What are the consequences of this on future generations of performers?
  • Can you write about the actors, are they trained or not.
  • How do these dance techniques, eras, form or genres link to today's dance?

Research over the term and be inspired by the many options out there, what interests and grabs you. This topic needs to have your enthusiasm laced through it, and you need to be motivated to complete this. Good luck!

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