Useful Hints For Writing A Cause And Effect Essay About Smoking

It is obvious smoking causes cancer. It also causes pollution and second hand ill effects. However, there are still people who choose to smoke. Because of the controversy involving the habit, the odds are very great that you will be assigned this topic for a paper.

You will want your cause and effect essay on smoking to make sense, be informative, and to be fresh. Since so many papers have been written on the subject, keeping the document fresh will be important. Use our tips and useful hints.

Cause and Effect Tips and Useful Hints

  • You will want to first form your thesis statement. This will help you to begin your research. Make sure it is clear, strong, and easy to understand. A strong thesis statement will equal a strong paper. Spend a lot of timing on this.
  • For your research, you will need to use scientific and academic sources such as surveys, case studies, periodicals, interviews, and quotes by experts.
  • Find out if the teacher wants you to use MLA, APA, or another style. Then make sure to bookmark a guide for whatever style that you need to use.
  • Make sure you understand how to format a cause and effect and that the relationship is crystal clear. You have to discuss both sides of the element. Just handling one side is only half of the job.
  • A sample cause and effect thesis statement may read like this: Smoking has been shown to cause cancer among long-term smokers. Then you will need to explore what constitutes a long-term smoker and then explore the different cancer, which can be caused.
  • You will need to have a works cited or a bibliography page, which will list the sources that you have used in the piece.
  • Try to come up with a very fresh approach by looking at what is trending in the subject on different social media outlets. This approach may be the spark needed for a fresh topic and a fresh document.
  • Decide how many of the different causes and effects you will mention in the paper. Remember that each one will need background facts, as well as explanations. You don’t want you to piece to look like a giant list in paragraph form.

As you write this paper, use our tips and useful hints. These will keep you fresh, well informed, and able to deliver the best piece you possibly can.

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