Free Recommendations On How To Organize A 300-Word Essay

Preparing essays is a great training. Students improve their writing skills, demonstrate knowledge about a subject matter, and formulate their own opinions. Usually, teachers assign short 300-word papers, so their students are not overloaded and have plenty of time to complete the assignment. However, even a one-page paper requires some time to plan and write. If you do not want to procrastinate, you can follow these free recommendations on how to organize your work effectively:

  1. Select a manageable topic.
  2. Deciding on the paper topic is important. Even though you have a prompt given by your teacher, you have to focus your writing. You should learn something about the topic and find the details that will make your essay interesting. However, keep in mind that a 300-word assignment is usually only one page long, so ensure that the topic idea is not too broad.

  3. Compose a strong thesis statement.
  4. After you select the aspects that you want to write about and do a quick research a chosen topic, you should take your time to come up with a thesis statement. You need to write a single sentence that will provide the main point of your work. This is an essential part of your paper since it determines the direction of the whole writing. Usually, it is a good idea to provide the thesis at the end of the introduction paragraph.

  5. Choose the main points to support your thesis.
  6. Typically, a one-page essay contains three main points that support the thesis statement. You can brainstorm them for fifteen minutes, take notes, and then select those that you like the most. Keep in mind that you should be able to explain these points in separate body paragraphs, so make sure that you have enough examples and facts to do so. Usually, three body paragraphs consist of approximately 200 words.

  7. Write a catchy introduction.
  8. An introduction should contain a brief discussion about the topic of the assignment. It is easy to write it after you have prepared the body paragraphs. Your task is to catch the readers’ attention, explain why your topic is interesting, and provide your main statement. This paragraph should be short and informative. It is a good idea to write a short quote or provide an unexpected fact.

  9. Summarize your points and revise the essay.
  10. You should end with a solid conclusion. In this paragraph, you should restate your thesis statement and explain how the major points support it. The size of the conclusion is about 50 words, so be specific and avoid writing about the things in general. After you are done, take a break, relax, and then revise the writing. It is important to correct mistakes and edit the text before submitting it.

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