Creating An Evaluation Essay On Burger King: Basic Tips

Writing your assignments is fun and easy when the subject is of your interest. An evaluation is different from informing or arguing because you do not only have to analyze a subject but also pass your verdict about it. You have to discuss and show why or why not you agree with the author’s ideas. You have to be objective when writing such a paper and avoid any biasness because your audience expects an honest review from you. You would also have to support your evaluation with evidence on why you think something. If you suggest that there is weakness or gap, you will have to give a solution and show how this gap can be overcome.

When you sit down to write an evaluation essay on burger king, you will have to study it carefully. You will need information about the food giant, its performance, its history, its current sales, its products and services as well as many other things. It is better that you pick a niche first and then start your search. A niche will help you narrow down your efforts and decide a focus of your work. You can decide whether you want to evaluate their operations, business, management, food products, other investments or what. This will depend upon your interest as well as subject. When you pick an area, it is easier for you to find relevant data and analyze it from a certain aspect

If you are to write an evaluation of the burger king, keep in mind to stay honest and open to learning. Whether you like them or not is out of the question, you have to be professional and objective in your approach. Here are a few steps to take for writing your paper

Start with an introduction about the food chain and also the aspect you will discuss. Your introduction should be able to present what your paper is about so that the audience can have an idea about the rest of your work

Move to the body paragraphs where you will discuss the strengths and weaknesses one by one. You can focus each body paragraph on one point so that all of the paragraphs are unique in content and ideas. The number of body paragraphs will depend upon your major arguments in the paper

Conclude your paper with your evaluation about the subject

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