Top 17 College Essay Writing Prompts On Flowers For Algernon

Daniel Keyes Flowers for Algernon is a beautiful fiction science short story that everyone would want to read. It is an ideal book where students and teachers can form good writing prompts in the course of their study. To form good writing prompts, consider the following.

  • Do research
  • It is a common cognition that unless you acquire sufficient information about the book, you cannot compose outstanding reminds as you will mislead your audience. Therefore, first have the short at your disposal before you move a notch higher to embark on the writing. As you study, be certain on appropriate comprehension of the same. Moreover, ask the students who are at a higher level than you to clarify sections that you may not comprehend well or visit the pertinent website and dig into the wide range of information under display.

  • Focus on the topic
  • Do not wander from the scope of the topic. A writer who does this clearly depicts that he or she has not conducted adequate prior research by reading all the relevant texts. Make sure everything you compose focuses on the short story. Shun from employing words that depict double meaning as these may confuse the reader.

  • Preciseness and conciseness
  • Stick to composing short and appropriate phrases that efficaciously send the point home. Although precise and concise, they should as well keep in the course of the topic. Use of too long sentences can attract spelling mistakes that may lower the quality of your work. As great writer, short phrases will do you good.

Below are the top 17 prompts to write about:

  1. How does the datebook figure of the novel bear upon the emphasis of the narrative?
  2. How has the character Charlie transformed in behavior at the end of the novel?
  3. Does the novel clearly deeply define the role of intelligence in the life of a human being?
  4. How is Charlie’s state represented by Algernon’s state?
  5. Equate and counterpoint the characters of Nemur and Dr. Strauss
  6. Is the role of intelligence looked at with just an open mind?
  7. Who is the best character in the novel?
  8. Describe the behavioral transformations of all the characters in the novel.
  9. Is Charlie capable of ameliorating other character’s behaviors in the novel?
  10. How is Charlie depicted in the text as self-interested?
  11. What role does memory play in the novel?
  12. How does Charlie’s flashback develop the themes of the text?
  13. Give the importance of Charlie’s relationship to Fay
  14. How does Charlie feel about Fay?
  15. Does Charlie’s representation as a mentally retarded man genuinely denote the way a true mentally retarded man would craft?
  16. What lessons can one learn from the story?
  17. In your own opinion, is the story’s ending tragic or inspiring?

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