How To Prepare A Winning Essay In English Literature: 5 Guidelines


Most people have had the experience of composing an essay, and it is important to know that English Literature papers may be different from other practices that most writers have encountered. This article will exclusively explain some of the guidelines required to produce the best English Literature essay for your writing project. These guidelines include:

  1. Information on the criterion about which the paper will be viewed and judged
  2. How to organize and plan the work
    1. Planning the paper
    2. Paper structure
    3. Sovereignty and decisive Reading
    4. Use of minor sources
  3. Use of recommended writing style
  4. Concluding checklist
  5. Composing the paper


Criteria used in the writing plays an important role in the final result of the paper. The information provided has to be relevant to the subject given. It must have a well-defined line of argument whereby every stage is marked clearly to create easy understanding and the flow of information to the reader or the examiner. All points should be well illustrated in the accurate manner that coincides with the subject and the topic being discussed. In addition, the writer must always stay within the maximum number of words stated in the instructions provided.

Organizing and planning the paper

Careful and proper planning is the key to delivering a well-written paper. In this case, the student must always start writing earlier before the deadline comes closer. This will help the student to avoid simple mistakes that are made due to less research. Enough time should be created to give room for planning; revision, rewriting, and proofread the paper prior to the submission date.


The written paper should always present a discussion and a logical argument. In other words, it should not be a set of random suggestions on the texts or the topics you have decided to work on. This requires a thorough planning and organization of the resources before commencing on writing to make sure that the discussion is rational and connects directly with the question that is needed to be addressed in the paper. Introduction being part of the paper structure should be presented in the best way possible. The student needs to define and explain any compound or potentially unclear terms in the question. The content of the whole paper should always relate to the issues presented in the outline of the project.

Sovereignty and decisive Reading

The main function of an exposition is to build up and present your own thoughts about the texts and concerns raised by the question. The ideas presented in the paper are always come from others either from books or discussions. The ideas presented are only introduced to create and enhance the argument that makes the purpose of the project.

Having all these strategies in the back of your mind, it is now upon you to write the paper using the available minor resources, proper writing styles and perhaps most importantly, sticking to the topic given.

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