List Of Compelling Argumentative Essay Topics In Biblical Studies

The best way to decide on an argumentative essay topic is to find a general idea you are interested in, and narrow it down to something that’s specific enough to cover in the length of paper you’re writing. The statement you use for your thesis needs to have two distinct sides, and you will be siding with one of them. In other words, you need to consider both sides of the argument and then take a position on one of them.

For biblical studies, here are some suggested topics you can use.

  1. Is God the same in the Old and New Testament?
  2. What are some of the ways God manifests himself in the New Testament?
  3. Do the Old and New Testament serve different purposes?
  4. God ceases to appear to humans because of the rise of evil in the nations
  5. Was God absence in Israel or does it just appear to be so?
  6. What is God’s most convincing form?
  7. Is there a relationship between where people were physically located in the Old Testament and their spiritual well-being?
  8. Religiously clean and ceremonially unclean are not important themes in the Old Testament
  9. Are geographical margins an essential component of religious development?
  10. Who was considered to be more of a savior of Israel – Samson or David?
  11. Did the exile mark the blossoming of Judaism as we now know it?
  12. Female prophets were a rare yet essential component of the Old Testament
  13. Does the story of Eve explain why women often are given a secondary role in modern society?
  14. Does the Old Testament provide a viable blueprint for the way we should live?
  15. Does the Old Testament offer a useable model for the way men and women should form their relationships?
  16. Do the symbols and signs of God’s covenant change over the first five books of the Old Testament?
  17. Moses and David were not alike in the way they performed their religious leadership of Israel.
  18. Is it common for some Old Testament characters to experience a reversal of their fortunes?
  19. Abraham’s experiences foreshadowed the struggles the Israelites would face.
  20. Does the bible teach people to not focus on words with no value?
  21. Does the bible teach people to look at the big picture?
  22. Does the Book of Proverbs personify wisdom to be a woman?

For topic ideas where two opposing sides aren’t apparent, tweak the sentence or question until you can form two argumentable, opposing sides.

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