What Makes A Strong NASA Synthesis Essay?

As with all writing being clear and concise is the rule of the game. A synthesis essay bulks things up a bit by requiring the writer to take a specific stand and then provide the research to support the position taken. Usually, the writer will have a specific question to debate and sources are provided to allow the writer to read the material, find the information to support the position, and then write the piece. In some cases, the instructor allows the writer to create a paper of their own devising with their own research to support a position.

In short, a synthesis essay is an argumentative piece that takes a specific point of view and then requires the writer to back it up with cited information in an an organized manner.

  • THESIS STATEMENT. A strong NASA synthesis paper will take on a specific position such as, “The Space program has cost more, in lives and money than the value of its achievements.” The thesis statement can be made in the first or final sentences of the introductory paragraph.
  • INTRODUCTION. The introductory paragraph may perhaps begin with an anecdote about the lives lost in the course of developing the program in the 1960s. If could also discuss how much money the program’s studies cost and compare that cost in real-life applications.
  • BODY. The body of the essay would then examine those questions. The first point of fact is the loss of lives. Your research should provide information about when and how lives were lost and then examine or compare that loss of lives about the purpose of the event that took those lives.
  • RESEARCH. The next point of fact to approach is the value of the research in the space program and its real life applications on earth. You could ask whether the millions, perhaps billions of dollars used to develop and then perform the studies are worth it in the long run; whether those studies have justifiable real-life applications worthy of the initial costs. For example, how important is a study to learn whether grass will grow in space? How is such a study of any real value when grass grows quite well on the planet Earth?

The sources that are either provided for you or that you must find on your own should help answer the questions asked and supported the thesis statement. All sources must be cited within the text and provided in a bibliography at the end of the paper.

These sections will help you write a strong and formatted NASA paper.

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