Step-By-Step Tutorial On Writing An APA Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is a paper, with the help of which you paint a picture of an event or an impression for your readers. The more color you add, the better it will look.

How to Write a Descriptive Essay?

  1. Choose a topic.
  2. It’s very likely that giving you this assignment, your teacher has at least named the desirable direction of our work. For example, that your paper should be dedicated to the impressions you had after a significant event in your life. Having this demand, you can easily narrow the subject down to something like “The first time I slept in the open in the scout camp” or so.

  3. Compose a thesis statement.
  4. Make it catchy and debatable. Use metaphors that can make your speech brighter. For example, if you formulate it like “The Michigan Lake is like an eye turned to the sky” it will be quite interesting. A lake has nothing to do with an eye, yet, certain specific features allow you to compare them.

  5. Add more colorful descriptions.
  6. You need to add as much color to your paper as you can. You have five senses, and your readers do, too. Remember what each of your five senses told you during the experience that you are describing in order to share these impressions with your readers.

  7. Remember about the 5-paragraph structure.
  8. Practically all papers of this type have five paragraphs that involve the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusions. If your teacher hasn’t given you different instructions, keep this structure in mind, especially when you are composing an outline for your project.

  9. Take a break before proofreading.
  10. Before you do the final editing of the text, take a short break and give your mind a chance to unwind. It will help you take a fresh look at your project and detect all the mistakes, too complicated constructions, repetitions, and other drawbacks.

How to Write an APA Descriptive Essay?

There is no big difference between regular descriptive essays and APA ones in anything except the formatting. The APA writing style determines nothing but the way your paper should be organized and formatted properly. This is why, you need an APA formatting guidebook only closer to the end of the work on your paper when you get down to the final formatting.

As soon as the formatting demands are numerous and quite complicated, you need special guidebooks that will help you do everything correctly. As well, you can turn to your teacher in order to receive simpler explanations and, probably, a more detailed description of the demands to your particular project.

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