How To Compose An Essay On Effective Reading And Writing Skills

When we hear an actor speaking with resounding diction or a news presenter delivering the essentials with clarity, we are naturally impressed. In the same vein, good reading and writing skills leave a startling effect on us.

  • Understanding the difference
  • While composing an essay on the same, we have to understand the difference between average and decent reading and writing skills. Some people read a book in 5 days while others take 5 hours for the same. Incidentally, both may be equally intelligent.

    The difference lies in their mind-eye coordination as well as the general preparedness. Good reading comes from practice; it also requires an instinctual knowledge of what to read and what to ignore.

  • Need to begin with logic
  • It is essential to begin comprehensively and logically. You cannot straightaway take a Shakespeare or a Joseph Conrad. You need to graduate through books like Moby Dick, Treasure Islands and Sherlock Holmes.

    Good reading emerges from the maintenance of interest. You will hardly be able to sharpen your reading skills if you are not interested in reading per se. You should also inculcate discipline and give 2 hours daily to the reading habit; however busy you may be.

  • The writing basics
  • Regarding writing, it is necessary to pick up good topics and analyze the quotients with depth. You should begin by choosing topics you are comfortable with; say, moral stories or fiction. You should slowly move towards narratives, real-life experiences and firm passages.

    You should go through elaborate written pieces to understand how articles or pieces should actually be written. There should be a degree of evolution and the story should progress in a semantic manner. This also comes with due practice and an inherent passion.

  • Ingratiating interest
  • You may or may not be born with the reading or writing talent. However, you can more than make up with diligence and focus. You should make an endeavor to absorb the concept and get a thorough understanding of the topic you are charting. Grasping concept is consequential, whether it is reading or writing.

  • Offer solutions
  • Your essay should offer solutions to the interested. You should present manners to improve the relevant skills and gain a firm footing in the discipline. You should also attempt to offer analogous cases about reluctant readers and writers who eventually became good at the respective vocations.

When you improve your reading and writing skills; the satisfaction you feel will be unparalleled.

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