An Effective Method To Compose A Synthesis Essay About Abortion

A synthesis essay is a type of academic paper where you should present several different points and explain how they connect together. If you’re assigned with a synthesis paper on the topic of abortion, you should know what method to use in order to compose a text that will impress your teacher and earn you an excellent mark.

Preparing for Writing a Paper

  1. Narrow your topic.
  2. There are a lot of aspects of abortion that you may write about. You may choose to write about the reasons for having an abortion or the consequences of abortion. By narrowing your topic, you make your paper more interesting and educational for the reader.

  3. Conduct your research.
  4. To write a good essay on such a serious topic, you should learn more about it. Moreover, you’ll need evidence to support your points, so you should have a few sources that you will be able to reference to. Consult your teacher to learn how to conduct your research to achieve better results.

  5. Formulate your thesis.
  6. Any synthesis paper should contain a thesis statement, a sentence that expresses its main purpose. You should write your thesis based on the points that you’re going to present in your paper. All these points should be directly connected to the statement.

  7. Make an outline.
  8. An outline will help you structure your paper before you start writing. Divide your text into separate parts and briefly mention what you’re going to write in each of them. Follow your outline during the writing process and you won’t forget to include anything.

Writing a Paper

  1. Write an introduction.
  2. This paragraph should start with a hook, a sentence that attracts the reader’s attention. Then, you should introduce your topic and explain why you decided to write about it. Place your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph.

  3. Write a body.
  4. This section should consist of three paragraphs. In each paragraph, you should introduce, describe, and discuss a separate point. Make sure to support your points with references to your sources.

  5. Write a conclusion.
  6. In this paragraph, you should restate all your points and explain how they tie up together. Indicate that it’s important to learn about abortion in order not to make fatal mistakes in your life.

Finalizing a Paper

When your essay is written, you should revise it and make sure to eliminate all mistakes. Include the list of used sources and format the paper in accordance with your teacher’s requirements.

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