Fundamental Advice On How To Write An Opinion Essay On The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a powerful novel with a complex plot. A variety of controversial themes and intricate conflicts are brought up in this story. Friendship, betrayal, and penitence are the key issues of the book, but lots of minor plotlines are developed deeply as well and are worth close attention. If you should write an opinion essay on the Kite Runner, it won’t be a problem to decide what to write about. Pick something that impressed you the most and express your personal opinion on it. The following advice will help you approach the task properly and craft a strong opinion paper about any issue, theme, or character from the book.

  • Pick your topic.
  • If you aren’t assigned any specific topic for your essay, choose the topic idea yourself. You may pick obvious themes of friendship, morality, betrayal, or forgiveness. You may also explore the topics that are not so evident, like violence or courage, dig deeper into the father’s role in the story, or trace the development of a particular character from the novel.

  • Create your thesis.
  • Clearly define what position you are going to take. For example, you may say that the author’s attitude towards morality changes considerably throughout the novel. Or, state that the class difference between Amir and Hassan is the baseline for further events in the book. Remember that it should be your personal opinion of the issue, which means that you should interpret the author’s intentions and strategies.

  • Look for the supporting information.
  • You should support your thesis with clear arguments and solid evidence. Think of at least three reasons that prove your opinion. Look through the book and find relevant examples and quotations from the text.

  • Develop an outline.
  • Organize all your ideas in a clear outline. By outlining, you will present information in the most effective order and avoid missing any important points.

  • Refer to a well-written sample.
  • If you are not sure that you organized your paper correctly, find a good sample of opinion writing. This trick will help you write a perfect opinion essay on the first try.

  • Write your paper.
  • Follow your outline. State your opinion in the introductory paragraph and restate it in the conclusion. Provide the reasons for your opinion in the body of your work.

  • Remember about important details.
  • Write in present tense. Don’t use informal language. Namely, contractions and colloquialisms should be avoided in your essay. Present your opinion with corresponding phrases: In my opinion, I think, to my mind, it seems to me that, etc.

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