How Do You Write An Effective High School Essay In 45 Minutes?

This is the burning question on the lips of high-school students the world over. Just how do you write an effective high school essay in just 45 minutes? Well, I can tell you that while it is difficult it is by no stretch of the imagination impossible, provided you follow these easy step-by-step instructions.

  • Planning is key
  • If you are disorganised then it is going to show. Planning is critical, especially if you are on an incredibly tight schedule. It is one thing to want to rush through it to get it finished so that you can get on with your evening, but you don’t want to put on a shabby show as the only person that will let down is you.

  • Know your subject inside out
  • Again, the degree to which you know your subject will determine whether or not you are able to complete your high school essay within this incredibly tight schedule. If you know the subject well, then you should have no problem. If on the other hand you are constantly having to refer to other sources then you are just going to waste valuable time.

  • Walk through it mentally before hand
  • It doesn’t matter where you do this. You can do it while travelling to school. Or you can do it in the bathroom. Like I say, it doesn’t matter. However, a mental walk through will make it so much easier to actually write it. This should also give you a much needed opportunity to identify any pitfalls that you are likely to encounter and help you overcome them before you get into difficulty.

  • Write it distraction free
  • While there are many assignments that you will get away with writing with a houseful of screaming kids or barking dogs, you are never in a month of Sundays going to be able to pull this off with a 45 minute essay! So, make sure that you go someplace where you are not going to be distracted.

  • Get into the zone
  • Again, you are effectively going to need to write it stream of consciousness in order to be able to do it in such a short space of time. If you are not in the zone then you are going to encounter problems. Try and do whatever it takes to get there.

  • Quality is king
  • Quality is way more important than any timescale. Don’t sacrifice it for the sake of another much needed hour!

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