How To Organize A 500-Word Essay – Professional Advice

This term you need to write an essay or dissertation, containing a thesis, fact correct research, and 500 words. Among all the other homework, this term you have to do this is the hardest because you have a word count to meet, and you are not sure how to meet this and it puts extra pressure on you to deliver.

Establish your thesis.

A thesis is two sentences, illustrating your point and the purpose of your essay, or dissertation, that you are writing. Don’t give everything away too early in this, keep it simple. The body of your paper will tell the reader.


This homework needs to have at least five paragraphs. Remember an essay needs to follow: introduction, body, and conclusion. With 500 words, this need only has 150 words each. These can be done one at a time or any order. You could do one a day or all at once. Don’t feel like you must sit down and write it all at once in one place. A rigorous study schedule does not suit all. Wherever or whenever you feel comfortable to you can complete another paragraph, adding it to your draft and being close to accomplishing your goal of finishing this in the time frame that needs to be met.


If you do really struggle with ordering, your research and notes use a template. The problem may be that you have too many pages of notes after all that research and feel overwhelmed. You need to skim read these and highlight what is important to your argument.

A template will help you in knowing what needs to be put where regarding information and also stop you from repeating yourself and veering off subject. It will help you in putting together the relevant information. Put this together like a jigsaw, drafting and putting together the correct information to fit the structure of this template.

You can reorganize this when you type your final copy and can spot any potential mistakes.

Final copy

Be careful using any sites that claim to be freelance or freelance writers that ask you to pay for resources. All you need is your common sense! Read aloud your draft and check that it makes sense and that what you have follows an introduction, body – planning, evidence and conclusion – summarizing your argument that you have successfully made.

As with any final copy check it over for grammar mistakes.

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