Ideas For Academic Writing: Top 15 Essay Topics For College

There are plenty of different topics that you can choose to write about when it comes to academic writing at college level. Ultimately though, the topics that you choose will most likely depend upon the subject that you are studying. For example, if you are studying biology, then you will most likely pick a topic that is related to plants or animals in some way. On the other hand, if you are studying history then you will probably look at an important event or historical figure as part of the work that you create.

However, no matter what subject you are studying for, it can sometimes be difficult to think or good ideas for academic writing. Therefore, it can be useful to see ideas and topics that other people have suggested, so as to get some good inspiration for thinking of something yourself. Therefore, in order to help you, there are 15 academic writing ideas and essay topics for college students listed below.

  1. A comparison of funding for academic institutions in comparison with the penal system in the United States

  2. Why is the prison population of the United States of America so high?

  3. Why has the United States of America failed to intervene in North Korea despite being prepared to use military force in Afghanistan and Iraq?

  4. How do organized criminal groups use the Internet and other technology in order to carry out identity thefts?

  5. How safe is online banking?

  6. Compare and contrast flat tax rates with progressive tax rates

  7. Using specific examples in reference to the recent global financial meltdown, describe what superior and inferior goods are in relation to economics?

  8. How all meanders formed?

  9. With reference to various countries and regions around the world, analyze the implication of gambling laws and what impact gambling addiction has on societies where laws are least restrictive

  10. How can terrorists be persuaded to carry out suicide bombings?

  11. What is the future of digital information, and how do we prevent information from being lost but is stored on devices and storage mediums that may not be compatible with future technology?

  12. Should stay at home parents be entitled to an income that is paid by the government?

  13. How do global positioning systems work?

  14. Compare and contrast marriage and divorce rates in the present day with those of the 1950s

  15. What is white privilege and does it exist and, if so, then to what extent?

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