List Of 20 Good College Essay Ideas About Dreams And Ambitions

At some point during your academic life, you will be asked to write an essay related to dreams and ambition. Finding an interesting and professional twist on the subject is probably the biggest challenge. Below are twenty ideas to get you started.

20 college essay ideas on dreams and ambitions

  1. Look at views from famous people- Elvis Presley once said: “Ambition is a dream with a V8 engine”.

  2. Research historical pieces related to your topic. e.g. Shakespeare’s McBeth.

  3. Look at historical leaders and how they used their ambition to succeed, e.g. Napoleon, Caesar, etc.

  4. Take a more psychological approach. Examples could be the link between discontent and ambition or dreams and ambition.

  5. Look into how ignorance can cloud ambition. Discuss the ambition in infamous people such as robbers.

  6. Research how dreams are created by being ambitious

  7. Look into the history of dreams. Our dreams are related to something happening in our day to day lives, and this has not changed from the Stone Age to today.

  8. What about relating it to the environment we live in. E.g. has the materialistic overcast of the 21st century made people confuse ambition and greed? Are our dreams clouded by the physical and material destruction of the world we live in today?

  9. You could research the topic for your paper from a social point of view. I.e. have our social activities, and stresses of everyday life made dreaming less romantic and ambition a distorted necessity?

  10. List times at which people are most ambition and open to accomplishing their dreams and how these are linked.

  11. The relationship between dreams and physical and mental health could be an interesting one to explore further.

  12. You can investigate whether or not ambition can have a positive or negative effect on dreams.

  13. Look at dreams and ambition from different people’s point of view. How are these different between childhood and adulthood?

  14. Analyze the economy and look into the effects of dreams and ambition on this. Have people given up on their dreams and ambitions because of the economic downfall? Has money become a serious hurdle for people dreaming of starting their own business?

  15. The pro’s and cons of ambition and dreaming.

  16. Write from a moral point of view. Can ambition and dreams play a part in immoral activities? Does people’s judgment get clouded by ambition? How far would the average man in the 21st century go to fulfill his dreams?

  17. Religion does also include ambition and dreams. Ambition in the Bible is very different to the Koran; this may be a good place to start when looking into ambition for different populations and cultures.

  18. Look into the difference between the two. What is the difference between dream and ambition?

  19. Use a scientific twist. Research Freud; compare his meaning of a dream in pre-scientific days to dreams in his time.

  20. And last but not least, question the force of ambition and dreaming and analyses the impact of these in different parts of the world during different eras.

And many more

The list of ideas for a good college essay on dreams and ambition goes on. You can also always twist some of the above suggestions to make a more specific study. The key to a good paper is researching your topic thoroughly and making sure you are factually correct.

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